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5-Step Formula For Interrupting Anxiety and Negativity

“Stressed out?

Adds up.

But don’t worry, here are some of the best ways to give your brain a break from neural stress:

1) Tell those negative thoughts to fuck off.

Contrary to what psychologists used to say, the research on thought suppression is robust. So when you find yourself ruminating on a worry, fear, or doubt, give it the ole’ middle finger.


2) If they didn't respect your wishes, humiliate them with pure logic and facts!

Try thinking about it differently. 

Are you exaggerating the problem? Is it really that bad? 

Remember, worrying about something won’t help you solve it. But looking for solutions and staying positive will give your brain a boost.

3) No luck? Enter Zen Mode.

Try mindfulness. 

Sit back and observe all your thoughts and feelings without judging them.

 Mindfulness helps your brain disconnect from negative emotions, and it’ll give your brain a boost in the “success” and “self-love” department. Plus, you might have some sudden epiphanies.

4) Make them bored by accepting them

Still struggling with negative thoughts? 

Disarm them with acceptance.

 A meta-analytic review study of mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies showed that the “oh well” approach is one of the most effective ways for dealing with most emotional problems.



5) ❤️

After you’ve accepted the negative thoughts, meditate
on forgiveness and keep a gratitude journal.

We all need to show ourselves some love, and to consciously reflect on our small accomplishments. The people in our lives who care for us can help with that.


Still feeling negative?

Staying deeply relaxed and mindfully attentive as you yawn, stretch, and ground yourself in a core value. 

Try self-nurturing, doing any physically pleasurable activity. 

Recall a pleasant memory and immerse yourself in memories of past accomplishments. 

Each of these techniques interrupts the neural circuits involved in negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

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