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The Best Way to Access Your Creativity

It is a common misconception that creativity is like some sort of creature from alternate dimension that needs a proper summoning.

In reality, it comes naturally. 

In fact, several times an hour, your brain switches into creative-mode without even being polite enough to ask permission.

But how can an overachiever BEST access their creativity for the purpose of [insert whatever here]? 

Here's the simple recipie:

  1. Shut your peepers 

  2. Deeply relax (you can hack that by yawning, and/or fake yawning, 10 times in a row)

  3. Invite your brain to roam freely in the realm of daydreaming
A vibrant 3d illustration depicting a light bulb with a brain inside connected to a colorful, stylized brain structure, surrounded by various abstract shapes, symbolizes the best way to access your creativity.

If you spend 60 seconds every hour doing that, your natural creativity will flourish.

Emotions and ideas will flit around erratically. 

That’s creative mind-wandering at work.

Observe this process without interruption as it is your brain’s way to solve the issues you’ve been tackling. Then, resume whatever it is you were doing with renewed energy. 

If you pay attention, you’ll notice increased productivity and lower stress levels.




Before taking a 60-second break for daydreaming, pose a question to your brain that needs solving. Allow your imagination to run free. 

Then, ask your intuition for an insight or two. 

Listen to the ideas that come from your imagination.

They just might be ingenious.

A scuba diver with fish swimming around him, showcasing the mental focus required for this simple yet exhilarating activity.

Dive Deeper

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